My professional background


Web Developer Intern, Avrutti Research 10/2022 – 06/2023

During my time at Avrutti research, I worked on several prototypes of an e-commerce website, before finalizing one as the main website for hoysala electronics. For the prototypes, I worked as the team lead of a team of 4, 2 web developers and 2 android developers. These prototypes were in React with Strapi and React with Firebase before finalizing Next.js and Firebase for the final website, which I made by myself, under the guidance of a senior developer.

As an Intern, I learnt a lot through this internship. I learnt all about Nextjs, how it works, and how pretty much the same jsx code can get drastically faster using different rendering options. I also gained a thorough understanding of tools such as Git & Github, Husky, Eslint, Prettier, Tailwind, etc and how they are configured in an industrial project.

Front-end Intern, Mindinator 11/2022 – 05/2023

For the young startup "Mindinator", I worked with 3 other developers and a designer to ensure the project (Mindinator) was built as required. My responsibilities were to make sure the designs translated perfectly into code. I also developed a few of the games. The project was made in SvelteKit, with 0 external dependencies.

This project provided exposure to tools used in the industry, such as Github for issue and project tracking. I also learnt non-technical skills, teamwork, leadership, accountability and pair programming.



Web designer and full-stack developer