List of my projects


img Svelte, SvelteKit, Nodejs, Expressjs, Nginx Mindinator Building mindinator.com as a cognitive activation startup Live
img Next.js, Firebase, Husky Hoysala Electronics An e-commerce website Live
img Next.js, Tailwind, Figma Space Tourism Space tourism multi-page website Github Live
img Svelte, Sveltekit, Tailwind This Portfolio My personal portfolio Github Live
img Python, Django AI Chatbot for College Enquiry Developed a college inquiry AI chatbot as part of a team for a college project. Github


img React, MongoDB Todo App Implemented a user-friendly Todo app. Github
img Next.js, Payumoney Payumoney Payment Gateway in Next.js Developed a PayUMoney payment gateway integration using Next.js. Github
img Python Driver Drowsiness Detection Designed a computer vision-based driver drowsiness detection system for real-time monitoring. Github
img Python Face Emotion Recognition Built a face emotion recognition system to accurately detect and analyze facial expressions. Github
img Javascript, LeafletJS, IPify IP Address Tracker Developed an IP Address Tracker app that utilizes the IP Geolocation API by IPify and LeafletJS. Github Live
img Astro, Svelte Advice Generator Advice generator app using the Advice Slip API Github Live
img P5.js Bubble Popping Game Developed an engaging game using p5.js where players earn points by popping bubble. Github Live
img Javascript Scribble Created an interactive drawing application inspired by Minecraft Github Live

Web designer and full-stack developer